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J13W-01 Waterproof MA-1 Jkt [Slim Fit]

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Uses the same matte black waterproof fabric production, compared to the traditional MA-1 jacket, the version is more neat and trace Skinny drop shoulder design, front fog with his left arm use black waterproof zippers, front and rear arm has a three-dimensional piece pieces reinforcement, front flap pockets and reflective budding design makes pocket items will not fall, also with two pocket behind waist can place their belongings, rib portions are used 3X3 Polyester rib, better texture, coupled through waterproof cloth and wet, but in thick cotton shop, sufficient to meet most of the winter weather conditions, both boys and girls can wear.

Size: M / L
Color: black
Material: 100% Polyester
Release date: 2013/1/8
Made in Taiwan

Size Chart:
Length: M 66cm / L 68cm
Shoulder: M 46cm / L 47cm